Band: Jane’s Addiction

Song: Ocean Size (live)

Album: Nothing’s Shocking

Year: 1988

Genre Alternative Rock

This is actually the first song of their Halloween show in 1997. By then their original bassist, Eric Avery, split so they asked their friend Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to fill in as they toured. Pretty cool. This show is at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC.

Part 2 of 3

Composer: Duke Ellington

Player: John Coltrane

Piece: In a Sentimental Mood

Genre: (Cool) Jazz

Year: 1935

As a music listener, I try to open myself up to different genres of music. Over the summer, I became interested in jazz music. I didn’t immerse myself in it yet, but I’m tapping my toe in the water. And I must say, the water sure feels pretty good. I listened to this piece by the composer Duke Elington, and I was swept away. The light and playful composition just lifts your senses and quickly settles them with a smooth outro, settling you down. 

Band: Goldfinger

Song: Superman

Album: Hang-Ups

Year: 1997

Genre: Ska-punk

Ah my childhood. I remember playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on my Pokemon themed N64 back in 2000. I was just eight years old listening to all these punk and ska-punk tunes while playing as Tony Hawk on the warehouse level and busting out the 900 once my “Special” meter reached its max. Good times. I still have that N64 too!~

Band: The Dears

Song: No Cities Left

Album: No Cities Left

Year: 2003

Genre: Indie Rock

I kept hearing this tune play on the job and it kept bothering me that I didn’t know who it was by. It wasn’t until last week that I got my SoundHound app to figure it out for me. The struggle. Anyway, just wanted to share this gem with you all. Gonna look through some of their albums and see if I like them.