Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Song: Atomic Dog (I think?)

Part 3 of 3. I even found a better higher quality video. Watch till the end of the video. There’s a pretty funny surprise at the end!

This is a last shout out to redheadfrusciante. Hope you like it!

Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Song: Cosmic Slop (cover)

Part 2 of 3 of this amazing jam. The Red Hots are jamming into a Funkadelic song “Cosmic Slop.” Listen to the original recording too! Good Stuff. 

Man of Interest: Morrissey

Song: The Ordinary Boys

Album: Viva Hate

Year: 1988

Genre: Alternative Rock

Ordinary boys
Happy knowing nothing
Happy being no one but themselves
Ordinary girls
Supermarket clothes
Who think it’s very clever to be cruel to you
For you were so different
You stood all alone
And you knew
That it had to be so
Avoiding ordinary boys
Happy going nowhere, just around here
In their rattling cars
And ordinary girls
Never seeing further
Than the cold, small streets
That trap them
But you were so different
You had to say no
When those empty fools
Tried to change you, and claim you
For the lair of their ordinary world
Where they feel so lucky
So lucky, so lucky
With their lives laid out before them
They’re lucky, so lucky
So lucky, so lucky, so

This song just speaks so much from the perspective a supposed male/female outcast perspective. They “normies” push you around for being different. There’s so much out there in this world than that small town/city you live in. People to meet, places to see! Experiences yet to be had. Go out there!